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Holden IT Solutions, LLC was founded in 2017 to fill a growing need in the IT service industry as small businesses were being left behind. Mergers and acquisitions left the average small business with no choice between managing their own IT and dealing with subpar customer service and solutions. We focus on custom solutions and long term relationships. Our results speak for themselves in terms of client referrals, retention, and loyalty. We would love nothing more than to take the burden of IT off the shoulders of your business and work together to bring you more success and productivity than you've ever thought possible. Call us today.


My name is Scottie Holden. I founded Holden IT Solutions to accomplish one goal, and that's to serve you. My team and I have years of experience creating custom solutions for businesses just like yours. We aim to improve efficiency, increase your bottom line, and let you focus on what matters most. Let us be the solution your business needs. 

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